July 8,2017


1.    Present: see attached list.

2.    Board of Director members present include Judy VanAman (President), John Rutzen (Vice President), Steve Mulder (Secretary/Treasurer), Jerry Dunn, Jerry Westphal, Jeff Glossop, and Dennis Walker.

3.    Judy VanAman, President, opened the meeting at 9:30 a.m.

4.    The 2016 annual meeting minutes and Treasurer's report for the period July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2016, were distributed. On motion and second, approved by a majority of those present, the minutes and Treasurer's report were approved.

5.    Jamie Conroy, of Professional Lake Management, reported that a mild winter resulted in no hard-kill of lake weeds so that early weed growth occurred in the spring. The invasive species weeds were treated in the first weed control application and Kombeen Crystal was used in the second application. No lily pad treatment has been done in the channel areas. The third application will be late July, around July 24, and the final application in late August, around August 24. Water quality test has been conducted, but results not yet received, with a second test to be done at the end of August. An e-coli test (3 sites) will be done in July. Starry Stonewort is the most difficult weed to control because there is no root to kill - it can only be treated as it spreads.

6.    Brad Carpenter, Township Supervisor, reported on road maintenance, with crack sealing and gravel road maintenance this year, and top sealing next year. He indicated that new users are continuing to join the sewer system, thereby lowering costs for all. There is a possible new assessment district for Coats Grove Road and Barber Road to increase sewer system users.

7.    Judy VanAman reported on the Culbert Drive address issue which was resolved with addresses to be left as is, except for short east-west section leading off from Barber Road and with renaming of the gravel road section.

8.    Thanks were given to Joanne Rutzen for work organizing the 4th of July boat parade, including obtaining a prize, which was awarded, and obtaining a reporter from the Reminder which resulted in an article in the week's issue.

9.    An election of the Board of Directors and Officers of the Middle Lake Association was held for three-year terms resulting in the following unanimously elected:

a. Board of Directors:
Michelle Duits
David Gurtowsky
John Rutzen
Dennis Walker
Jerry Dunn
Gerald Westphal
Steve Mulder

b. Officers:
Michelle Duits - President

       John Rutzen - Vice President

       Steve Mulder - Secretary, Treasurer

10. Discussion was held concerning a new, updated Directory to be issued in 2018.

Submitted by:

     Steve Mulder, Secretary

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