July 9, 2016


1.    Present:  see attached list.

2.    Board of Director members present include Judy VanAman (President), John Rutzen (Vice President), Steve Mulder (Secretary/Treasurer), Jerry Dunn, Jerry Westphal, Jeff Glossop,  and Dennis Walker.

3.    Judy VanAman, President, opened the meeting at 9:30 a.m

4.    The 2015 annual meeting minutes and Treasurer's  report for the period July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016, were distributed. On motion and second, approved by a majority of those present, the minutes and Treasurer's report were approved.

5.    Jamie Conroy, of Professional Lake Management, reported that their number one goal is control of exotic/invasive  plants, including watermilfoil, curly leaf pondweed and starry stonewort. Starry stonewort is somewhat new, looks a lot like the long present chara and is currently the biggest problem. A product called Komeen Crystals is used  to help control  starry stonewort. A second  goal is control of native plants such that they are not a nuisance. Comments were made concerning lily pad concentration in the channel  at the southeast  part of the lake. Jamie recommended  lily pad treatment  spray. A question was raised concerning  the possibility of dredging the channel; and Brad Carpenter, Carlton Township Supervisor, indicated  that he will check with the residents with property fronting on the channel with  respect to interest in dredging and the creation of a special assessment district  to fund the dredging cost.

6.    Julie Jones, with the Barry County Sheriff marine patrol, discussed the 10 most common boating violations. She also indicated that the alcohol  threshold for boating is the same as driving -- .08%. She stressed use of life jackets while in a boat and commented that the typical drowning victim is a male who can swim, between the ages of 25 and 50. She further indicated that children under age 6 should use a Type 2 life jacket. Barry County Sheriff  telephone numbers are (269) 948-4800, (269) 948-4801 and for emergencies, 911.

7.    Brad Carpenter, Carlton Township  Supervisor, reported that the sewer system is working well and that several new users have been added  to the system, thereby helping to reduce debt ahead of schedule. There has been increased interest in hook-ups. Brad also reported  that road paving is in process, with Welcome Road done and Barber Road next on the list (for 2018). Gaskill Road and Culbert Drive will be considered for 2018. There were comments made suggesting speed bumps on Culbert Drive. Brad further reported on the new Barry County ORV ordinance  -- must be licensed to drive an ORV on the road, but townships can opt out. Carlton Township has opted out.

8.    John Rutzen reported on the July 5 boat parade, with 23 boats participating. John indicated that pictures will be on the Middle Lake Association website.


                                                                   Submitted by:

                                                                   Steve Mulder, Secretary


List Attendees

Barbara O’Grady

Jerry Dunn
Steve Mulder
Jim Moon

Mike Reed

Judy VanAman
Ken and Cyn Robbe

Lysle Smith

Nancy Davis

John Rutzen
John Stapor

A. Ranquette

Pat Hammond
Jeff Glossop
Dennis Walker

[Brad Carpenter (Township Supervisor)]

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