JULY 11, 2015

  1. Present: see attached list.

  2. Board of Director members present include Judy VanAman (President), John Rutzen (Vice President), Steve Mulder (Secretary/Treasurer), Jerry Dunn, Jerry Westphal, Dennis Walker.
  3. Judy VanAman, President, opened the meeting at 9.30 a.m.

  4. The 2014 annual meeting minutes and Treasurer's report for the period from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 were distributed. On motion by Larry Blair, seconded by Jerry Dunn, which was approved by the majority of those present, the minutes and Treasrer's report were approved.

  5. Jamie Conroy, of Professional Lake Management, reported that a permit delay slowed start of weed spraying, but that the spraying schedule was started, with two sprayings completed. Jamie reported on the spring water quality test which resulted in water clarity at 5 feet (4 feet in spring of 2014), phosphorous and nitrogen of 15 (39 in spring of 2014). A late summer water quality test will be conducted. The next scheduled sprayings are in the weeks of July 27 and August 24.

  6. Brad Carpenter, the Carlton Township Supervisor, reported that the maintenance fund for the sewer project is now at approximately $67,000. The maintenance fund is for the purpose of paying for any tank pumping needed. The City of Hastings will do a tank inspection every three years in order to assess pumping needs.

    Brad also reported that the lake weed treatment contract with Professional Lake Management (PLM) is in its last year for Middle Lake. Consideration is being given to renewing the contract with PLM. The contract is entered into between Carlton Township and PLM. Brad asked for comment with respect to renewal, and discussion followed. Jerry Dunn made a motion, seconded by Larry Blair, which was approved by a majority of those present, to renew the contract with PLM for five years. Brad then indicated that he will start the Carlton Township hearing process needed to approve the contract between PLM and Carlton Township. The process requires a letter notifying lake front o\,vners of a public hearing by the Township board. A PLM representative will attend the hearing held by the Township Board. Larcy Blair then made a motion, seconded by Jerry Dunn, and approved by a majority present, to approve payment by Middle Lake Association of the mailing costs incurred by Carlton Township for the public hearing.

  7. There was general discussion of several areas of interest by members, including:

    1. speed control on Culbert Drive (general conclusion was that individual calls to the Bany County Sheriff is only remedy);

    2. July 4 boat parade (several members present indicated that they will coordinate publicizing this next yeat);

    3. blocked drainage from Middle Lake to Leach Lake (Brad Carpenter indicated that he will check on possible remedies).

Submitted by:
Steve Mulder, Secretary


List Attendees

Brad Carpenter (Township Supervisor)
Dennis Walker
Judy VanAman
Jerry Dunn
Dave Sutton
Roger Hildenbrand
John & Joanne Rutzen
Mike & Michelle Duits
Larry Blair
Gerald Westphal
Lysle Smith
Steve Mulder
Russ & Patty Kermeen
John Stapor
Jim Yacynych
Nancy Hammond
John Richards

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