JULY 13, 2013

  1. Present: see attached list.

  2. Board members present include Jerry Westphal, Larry Blair, Steve Mulder, John Stapor, Jerry Dunn and Jeff Glossop.

  3. Jerry Westphal, President, opened the annual meeting at 9.30 a.m.

  4. The 2012 annual meeting minutes were read and accepted by the Board. The Treasurer's report for the period from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 was presented and accepted by the Board.

  5. Jaimee Conroy, of Professional Lake Management, reported on weed treatment problems arising from the wet spring and high water levels, resulting in increased nutrient runoff into the lake. Increased nutrients from runoff, cool temperatures and recent warm weather have caused a sharp, recent increase in weed and algae growth. The spring e-coli test showed no e-coli present. Three weed treatments have been performed, and two treatments remain, July and August. In response to a question concerning dumping leaves and grass clippings in the lake, Jaime commented that leaves, grass clippings and any other organic material should not be dumped in the lake since this increases nutrients in the water, thereby increasing weed growth.

  6. The current contract between Carlton Township and Professional Lake Management for weed treatments runs through 2015.

  7. There was discussion concerning high water from the wet spring and the vegetation clogged drain leading to Leach Lake which has slowed runoff of high lake levels. It was reported that the County Drain Commissioner indicated that the lake drain between the two lakes is not his concern. Jaimee Conroy unsuccessfully tried to contact the two landowners (Sue Ballard and Kathleen Crane) for permission to clean vegetation from the drain. Larry Blair indicated that he will attempt to contact the landowners. The goal is simply to remove the vegetation clogging the drain, not to dredge the drain. After getting landowner permission, the next step is to obtain a quote from Jaimee Conroy for removal of the vegetation or to form a work committee to remove the vegetation.

  8. It was reported by several members that a substantial amount of water runoff to the lake during heavy spring rains came from the farm east of Barber Road near Gaskill Road as a result of new drain tile added to the farm land. This added both nutrients and turbidity to the lake.

  9. Brad Carpenter, Carlton Township Supervisor, reported that the septic receiving station is still in discussion. The Village of Freeport addition to the Middle Lake sewer system is still a possibility, but it faces some opposition because the planning committee does not want to encourage commercial development north of Hastings since the current direction of development is west of Hastings along M-43. Brad also reported that Hastings reports sewer quantity is up, likely due to some people tying in sump pumps, a prohibited activity which could result in increased sewer rates.

  10. Larry Blair reported that he made a presentation to the Barry County Board of Commissioners to authorize participation of all county lakes in the mute swan removal program. This has not yet been approved by the County Board. Larry reported that about 45 mute swans have been removed from Middle Lake thus far.

  11. Federal flood insurance is now available for the first time (through local insurance agents) as a result of activity by Carlton Township.

  12. A reminder was made to have sewer lines marked by Miss Dig for any digging projects.

  13. There will be no annual picnic this year.

  14. On motion made and seconded it was unanimously approved to request Mike Reed to set up a Middle Lake Association, Inc. website.

  15. Each Board member and officer is in the second year of a three year term, with elections to be held next year.

  16. It was suggested that name tags should be available for future meetings.
Submitted by:
Steve Mulder, Secretary

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