Minutes of Annual Meeting

Middle Lake Association, Inc.

July 11, 2020



1. Present: see attached list.


2. Board of Directors members present include Michelle Duits (President), Steve Mulder (Secretary/Treasurer), Dale Berry, Jerry Dunn, David Gurtowsky and Bob Blocher.


3. Michelle Duits opened the meeting at 9:30 am. She recognized the service of retiring Board members John Rutzen and Mike Reed.


4. The minutes of the July 13, 2019 annual meeting and the Treasurer report for July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 were reviewed and, upon motion and second, approved by all present.


5. A brief written summary report from Jaimee Desjardins, of Professional Lake Management, was reviewed and discussed, including heavy weed and algae problems due to heavy spring rains and recent high temperatures. There was discussion of the need to renew the

weed treatment contract which is in the final year of a five year contract. It was concluded that several quotes will be obtained, each to include several alternative levels of treatment.


A Board of Directors meeting will be held on Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 9:30 am to decide on a recommendation to be made to the Carlton Township Board for the purpose of renewing the weed treatment contract along with renewing the annual assessment which is

done by the Carlton Township Board.


6. There was a discussion of the Michigan Lakes & Steams membership, and it was concluded, upon motion, second and approval by all present, to renew the membership for $100.


7. There was a brief discussion of the recent distribution of the updated Directory which was mailed to all Middle Lake area residents, including both on and o lake residents.


8. There was a discussion of the July 4 boat parade. Upon motion, second and approval by all present, it was decided to reimburse Michelle Duits for the boat parade signs in the amount of $311.64 (produced by Progressive Graphics).


9. Due to expiration of the current three year term of the members of the Board of Directors, upon motion, second and approval by all present, the new three year term through the annual meeting in 2023, was enacted for the following members of the Board of Directors:

Michelle Duits (President), Steve Mulder (Secretary/Treasurer), David Gurtowsky (Vice President), Jerry Dunn, Bob Blocher, Dale Berry, Tammy Hayes and Kim Johnson.


10. Due to the death of Jerry Westphall, the Resident Agent of Middle Lake Association, Inc., upon motion, second and approval by all present, David Gurtowsky was approved as the new Resident Agent.


11. Mike Reed was recognized and thanked for his service as webmaster. Due to Mike’s recent resignation as webmaster, a request was discussed for someone who is able to assume the duties as webmaster.


12. There was discussion of any interest in a community wide garage sale.


13. There was discussion about placing information on the information board located at the public access site and possible need to obtain DNR permission from the Yankee Springs unit of the DNR.


14. There was also discussion on obtaining information from the DNR re fishing tournaments, any DNR approvals which may be required and obtaining a schedule of tournaments.


15. Finally, there was discussion about placing signs for reminding residents of the annual meeting starting next year.


16. Upon approval of all present, the meeting was adjourned.


Submitted by,


Stephen J. Mulder